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First of all, I want to congratulate you for looking into finding out more about the Indian Princess program of Huntington Beach, the Great Hunting Valley. Simply put, we are an organization of Dads who love spending time with their Daughters and who enjoy being around other Dads and Daughters who love spending time with each other.   Our families go to most of the local elementary schools such as Moffett, Peterson, Huntington Christian, and Eader. You’ve got a lot of great tribes in the GHV and hope you choose us. How do we spend time with each other?

We go to Catalina and camp out on a bluff overlooking the ocean. At Catalina, we have Nation Games, kayak or SUP with our daughters, jump of rock ledges into the ocean, spend some alone time really getting to know our daughters and also watch them as they run off and play with their pals.

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We have a campout at a magical place called Fiesta Island, near Sea World, where we take pontoon boats, more kayaking and SUP-ing, camp near the water, play horseshoes on the beach and spend more time with our daughters and our Kaw pals.

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We go to Big Bear and stay with our Kaw pals in a cabin, play in the snow, participate in Nation Games, sledding, etc.

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We’ll get together for tribe meetings every single month. We met just this past month at a person’s home which had an actual replica Indian Tepee in the back yard! It is always great to get together every month with friends!

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One of the things that the Kaw are known for is starting the GHV Food Drive. Usually the first week of December, we organize the local Princess/Guides to go out to the local grocery stores and collect food and money for the OC Food Bank. The GHV has collected tons and tons of food and thousands of dollars for the Food Bank. Moreover, your heart swells with pride as you watch your daughter convince the shoppers to do some good for the Holidays.

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Thank you again for seeking to learn more about the Indian Princess program. We hope you choose the Mighty Kaw. Please contact Emily Rader with the Newport YMCA or contact the Kaw Chief directly – Rob Trazo at Again, we have meetings every single month and would love for you to join us! Thanks again! Loud And Proud, Lemme Hear Your Call! We Are The Mighty, Mighty Kaw!